Health Effects

Health Effects of DustBoth domestic dust and atmospheric dust pose some serious health and safety risks to those who are exposed to them, especially if the exposure is consistent over a period of time. One of the greatest dangers of domestic dust is related to so-called house dust mites. House dust mites, or simply dust mites, are tiny creatures that feed on dust, especially on dead cells of humans and animals, and they excrete certain compounds that can often cause an allergic reaction, particularly in the very young and the elderly. Consistent exposure to large quantities of domestic dust, house dust mites and their excrement, can also result in the development of asthma, and can cause other respiratory conditions. It is very important that you practice dust control–while we can never completely eliminate dust, we are responsible for reducing its presence to levels that are safe, especially for children and older people, and people who already have respiratory diseases. Domestic dust control can be as simple as keeping a good airflow and cleaning surfaces where dust is most likely to accumulate (note that some of the favorite places for dust mites are mattresses, sheets and pillows), or can involve modern technological solutions, like air filters, air purifiers, and personal protective respirators (see the relevant pages for more information).

Atmospheric dust control is also important, as particulate matter in our atmosphere can cause health problems, as well as explosion hazards and other dangers. Harmful emissions of industries and construction sites that are the most responsible for producing atmospheric dust particles are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. Fortunately, there are modern technological solutions that can effectively reduce artificial dust emissions, and even reduce the concentration of particulate matter already present in the atmosphere. A clean air, as free of particulate pollution as possible, is essential to both human and environmental concerns, and a good quality of life.